Wait, that’s a touchscreen?

I was sitting with a friend today reading Google Currents and I reached up and swiped the screen with my hand. He reacted just as I thought he would; with surprise. “Wait, the screen’s a touchscreen?” “Not just a touchscreen, but a tablet,” I answered as I seperated my transformer into two parts.

He’s not the first to show amazement at the transformer. There have been quite a few people that are ‘shocked and awed’ at the device. Actually with the amount of interest that people show when they see it “Transform” I can’t believe that Asus isn’t advertising more. Sure my geeky and nerdy friends are interested in this thing, but more importantly my non-geeky/nerdy friends are. I even had one tell me that he wished his wife had asked him for input when she bought a computer for him. He would have gone this way.

So Asus, the time has come. We need television commercials showing this thing off. This thing is a game changer and at a price that can actually take the lead from the iPad. Let’s do this, be the leader that I know you can be. You just announced a couple of new tablets at CES. It’s time. If you want a hit, show this thing off.


~ by wmorrison01 on January 15, 2012.

2 Responses to “Wait, that’s a touchscreen?”

  1. Wayne, I’m just going to have you pick out my next few gadgets for me from now on. How does that sound?

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