Which picture should I pick???



My favorite Website for all things Android (Android Central) is hosting a photo contest. Here is the winner and the runner-ups from last week’s assignment, “Sunset or Sunrise“. This week’s theme is Transportation (click for instructions). I need your help. Which of the 2 photos above would you send in for judging? I’ll take comments until Friday. Please encourage your friends to put in their 2¢. Thanks.


~ by wmorrison01 on January 23, 2012.

One Response to “Which picture should I pick???”

  1. Ummm…can I vote twice? I like the one with the lone boat cause right now I’d like to be there and just let the gentle breeze blow around me. So calming.

    I like the other one too though, the colors are so vibrant and just kind of pop.

    So I have a feeling the answer to my first question is no. Hmmmmmmmm. Let’s see. The way I feel right now I think that the lone boat is my favorite. Wait…..ohhhhhhhhhhh. I feel like I am on Who Wants to be a Millionaire and can’t decide on my final answer. Can I use a life line????

    Okay, as your nephew would say “seriously”. I think it’s the little boat on it’s own in the big world, able to bring happiness and joy to someone who just needs to be alone.

    Let me know which one you choose.

    Love ya,


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